Logo is the first impression of your business. The face of the brand from which all communication with the consumer is conducted. A trigger that starts the right emotion and reaction.

Why is it important to order a logo from an agency

To create an ordinary symbol, you can resort to the help of a constructor or a novice designer. To create a logo that works and meets all the requirements, you can't do without a team of pros.

What are the requirements? So, a good logo design:

  • talks about the specialization of the company;
  • is not associated with the identity of other brands;
  • is not overloaded with many elements and colors;
  • is clearly visible at any medium or distance;
  • is easy to remember and recognize;
  • conveys the personality of the brand.

Types of logos

1.Verbal or literal

Colorful font that conveys the spirit of the brand. The main thing is for it to be legible.
Google, Coca-Cola, HBO, IBM, VISA, FedEx

2. Logo symbol

Visualization of naming or industry. Better for rebranding than for a new brand.
Apple, Twitter, Nike, Shell, Android, Beats

3. Abstract logo

Unique something geometric. Ideal for international companies.
Pepsi, Google Chrome, Adidas, Airbnb, Microsoft (Windows)

4. Logo mascot

Your business ambassador who knows how to communicate with the target audience. First, you work for its recognition and then it works for yours.
Mr. Proper, KFC, Mr. Peanut, Michelin, Linux

5. Combined logo

A versatile combo of letters and symbols. Lets you opt out of text in the future.
Burger King, Lacoste, MasterCard, NASA, Audi, WWF

6. Emblems

A symbol filled with text and graphics. Old school detailing.
Harley-Davidson, Starbucks, Warner Bros., Lamborghini, Stella Artois

It is important to remember that for services such as logo design, the price does not depend on the chosen style - even the most minimalistic solution requires adherence to the entire procedure.

How it goes

Logo creation is a laborious process which consists of the following stages:

1. Collection and analysis of information

We discuss the acceptable types of logos as well as the features of the company, target or industry that we want to highlight. We study the logos of competitors, get inspiration from trends.

2. Development of concepts

We collect references, choose appropriate colors and styles. We create the first sketches, discuss them within the team and finalize the most delicious concepts.

3. Discussion

You get acquainted with our developments. If they are not good enough, we go back to the previous step to suggest even more interesting solutions.

4. Completion and implementation

We bring the logo to perfection, taking into account all the edits and wishes. We show how it looks in the media and write a guide for its use.

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