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Brand book is the bible of your brand. An official document that reveals the identity of a company. The foundation on which the relationship with the client is built.

Brand Identity: Brand Books & Style Guide Services

A brand book is an official document that outlines a brand's core values, philosophy, positioning, and promotional features. It also includes a collection of corporate style elements with variations, such as the name, logo, fonts, color palette, images, and graphic elements. This is a unique document that can help your company build a strong brand and establish effective communication with customers.

A style guide is a unified manual for utilizing a brand's style. The document includes rules that will be used to develop the project's design, such as which colors and advertising formats to use, where to place the logo, and which graphic elements are permissible. The style guide contains clear instructions that can be delegated to other specialists to ensure that the work is completed accurately and correctly.

Brandbook Designing & Building Your Brand

Developing a brand design is an integral part of launching a new project or updating an existing one. And a clear understanding of the design style will allow you to present the brand correctly on the market, build strong communication with customers, and become better in your segment.

A brand guide is a collaborative effort between executives, copywriters, and designers. In the process of creating a brand book, it is necessary to maintain balance. Too rigid rules will limit the creativity of designers, and simple and vague rules will be interpreted incorrectly. As a result, you should always have a complete vision of the visual component of the brand, which will become the basis for making future marketing decisions.

The brand book should be easy to use, and the information in it should be easy to understand and not overloaded with complex phrases. There is no clear template, so creating a guide is a complex and time-consuming process. Our company has been developing brand books for different types of businesses for over 8 years and knows the peculiarities of each niche. Entrusting the development of a brand book to us means making the right choice and getting the best result.

Styleguides vs Brandguides

Brand design development is an integral part of launching a new project. A brand guide and style guide are an essential part of the brand. When all the information is structured, there is a clear understanding of what the final result should be. This applies to all elements of creating and promoting the brand: advertising, public relations, documents, website, communication style, product packaging, and services. If the company has guidelines for creating and using the style, it is possible to build a unique brand that will be remembered and never confused with another.

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