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Packaging is the wrapper for your product. Combination of aesthetics and functionality. 5 second presentation that influences the buying decision.

Product Packaging Design Services

Packaging design is the most critical step in developing a new product or updating an existing one. Correct, effective design attracts customers’ attention, creates a pleasant impression of the product, distinguishes it from competitors and is easy to remember, which increases the chances of a purchase.

Packaging design must necessarily reflect the value of the product, tell its story, evoke the necessary associations in a person that will encourage them to purchase. We are engaged in the creation of primary and secondary packaging from scratch as well as rebranding. This will help highlight your product and increase attention to it.

Our Packaging Design Services and Benefits

We offer services for the design of the primary product packaging, including tubes, ampoules, packs, sachets, bottles, and jars. We are also engaged in the design of secondary packaging, such as boxes and containers for product transportation. We will pack your brand in the truest sense of this word as well as emphasize the value of your product. When developing packaging design, we focus on unique product properties, take into account client’s wishes and pay attention to detail. We create several options for the client to choose the one they like.

Packaging design is a labor intensive process. For convenience and efficiency, we divide it into several stages. First of all, we receive the wishes of the customer and agree on deadlines. Then we discuss everything with the design team and the process of creating layouts begins. We show the resulting options to the customer. The final stage is the printing of a trial layout, and the final packaging after approval.

What Information Should Be On Your Packaging?

The amount of information on the packaging depends on the product. There are elements that are mandatory:

1. Your brand logo

An essential component of any packaging design. The logo reflects the purpose of the company and provides visual contact with the consumer.

2. Your story

With the help of a picture or text, you tell the consumer about your brand.

3. Your values

This is how the customer can assess whether they vibe with your brand.

4. Product Features

Tell the consumer what the product is made from.

5. Product Benefits

Or why the customer should buy it. We show this with pictures or text.

6. Value of the Product

Information on the composition and mass fraction of ingredients. The information must be accurate, truthful and not mislead the customer.

7. Regulatory and/or warning information

May vary depending on the product type and production country. It includes the composition, manufacturer's address, container marking, and warnings before use.

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