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Positioning is the first step to creating a new brand or relaunching an existing one. A key quality that embodies your strengths and sharp edges. A reserved place in the minds of consumers.

When does a company need positioning?

If you are just entering the market and want to make a big statement about yourself..

If a brand has lost its former popularity and young competitors are already there..

If the original strategy and branding didn't work as expected..

- It's time to contact a creative agency and develop the right positioning.

What is the right positioning?

It is impossible to be everything to everyone. The best positioning is one that hits one point.

Are competitors talking about the features of the product itself? Focus on speed and quality of service.

Are you the target audience? Talk about your needs and wishes - potential clients will see themselves in them.

Is the product used at a specific time or place? Turn this situatedness to your advantage.

Suggesting a new way to use it? Play in contrast, bring a bit of novelty.

Do you have a whole chain? Tell the world that you are always there.

Is the product paraben-free, GMO-free and not tested on animals? Don't hide this important information from the world.

Examples? You are welcome. This is what most people associate with industry giants.

  • Volvo - safety;
  • AX - success with women;
  • Tide - perfect whiteness;
  • Coca-cola - festive atmosphere;
  • Snickers - a quick snack;
  • DHL - one night delivery;
  • Ferrari - speed;
  • Vichy - medicinal cosmetics;
  • Geox - shoes that breathe;
  • Raffaello - declaration of love.

The list can be continued indefinitely as long as you are included in it.

How it goes

1. We analyze the current state of affairs - your strengths and weaknesses as well as potential threats and opportunities.

2. We study the target audience - portrait, behavior, fears, motives, secret desires as well as factors influencing the choice.

3. We analyze the market and competitors - what they offer, what is fashionable, what is missing. In the process, we understand how your product differs from everything else.

4. Finally, we form the positioning. We answer such questions as "What?", "For whom?", "How?" and "Why?". We hand you the bible of your brand which will help you create a holistic image - with us or on your own.

Looking to create powerful branding for your company? Start with positioning.

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