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Mascot is your brand's good luck charm. A character that simply and easily tells the story of the company. A vivid image thanks to which you become closer to the consumer.

What is a mascot for?

A brand character, or mascot, is a serious marketing tool that solves a whole pool of tasks:

  • attracts attention;
  • increases brand awareness;
  • reflects the positioning of the company;
  • creates the right vibe and emotions;
  • increases media coverage;
  • simplifies communication with target audience;
  • brings extra income through the sale of souvenirs;
  • helps to make your ad campaign go viral.

Types of mascots

You will probably remember a dozen characters who have become iconic and inseparable from their brands. They are all very different, but they can be divided into three large groups:

1. People - Rubber Man (Michelin), Barbel (Pringles), Colonel Sanders (KFC), Clown Ronald (McDonald’s), Captain Morgan, Mr. Muscle, Freken Bok

2. Animals - Quicky bunny (Nesquik), fox (Foxtrot), owl (Duolingo), rabbit (Duracell), Durov's dog (VKontakte), Snoopy (NASA), fox (FireFox)

3. Animated objects - egg (Kinder Surprise), alien (Reddit), green robot (Android), talking dragees (M&M’s), vegetables (Bonduelle)

As for character, it can be borrowed from Jung's theory of archetypes. For example, your mascot can become a hero, joker, minister, villain, lover, etc.

How it goes

A good brand character is the result of collaboration between designers and marketers. And the development process itself consists of the following stages:

1. Brief

You fill out our detailed brief, indicating all your wishes for the character - its character, gender, age, features of appearance. We also discuss where and how the consumer will interact with the mascot.

2. Research

We analyze the positioning of competitors in order to profitably detach from them. We also study customers - their motives, triggers and emotional connection with your brand.

3. Concepts

After examining all the data, we put up references and discuss symbols within the team. We sketch different concepts.

4. Approval

We present to you several concepts at once, explaining the strengths of each of them along the way. You choose the one that resonates with you the most.

5. Refinement of the character

We finalize the mascot, add detail, realism, volume to it and give it to you. Now your brand message becomes even clearer.

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