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Infographics is an express presentation of a large amount of data. A killer combination of graphics and text. An easy and accessible form of communication with the target audience.

Role of infographics

Infographics help to convey information faster and more convincingly. This can be statistical data, comparative characteristics or a summary of a large material.

Who needs infographics:

  • Marketers

    It increases brand awareness and audience engagement. With an original idea and good design quality, it has every chance of becoming viral.

  • Startups

    It helps to present the project and outline its perspectives. Simplifies perception and at the same time conveys the whole essence.

  • Social sphere

    It presents the results of research and surveys. Raises awareness of an idea or problem.

  • Sphere of education

    It makes educational material clear and interesting. In addition, thanks to visual presentation and structuring, information is better remembered.

Good infographics rules

Infographics should not only generate interest, but also inform. Balance is important here, because data without graphics looks dry and lifeless and when there is too much of it, it makes it difficult to focus on what is important. It is also worth considering the following points:

  • Attractiveness and clarity of the topic;
  • Correct structuring and hierarchy of information;
  • Highlighting key messages;
  • Presence of a story and connection between objects;
  • Sense of source trustworthiness;
  • Features of the target audience;
  • Emotional context of colors;
  • Clear end goal.

In our agency, not only a copywriter and designer, but also a marketer works on infographics. Therefore, you can be sure that all these requirements are met and your message will definitely reach its addressee.

How it goes

Infographic creation goes through 6 important stages:

1. Brief

You fill in all the important information - for what material you need the infographic, where and for whom it will be placed, what theses and data need to be displayed. If you have examples of style, show them to us.

2. Data

We study the topic as well as request all the missing information or find it on our own. In parallel with this, we pick up references of style and approve them with you.

3. Structure

We formulate the main conclusions, think over the title, headings and subheadings. Sketch a diagram of the future infographics. We discuss everything with you.

4. Text

We write coherent, clear and concise infographics. In the end, we come to a solution to the problem or recommendations. We give it to you for verification.

5. Infographics

After the approval of the text, we submit it for design. We choose a color palette, create unique fonts, draw icons and illustrations. We design everything into a ready-made infographics.

6. Refinement

If you have any comments or suggestions, we will modify the image and return it to you. The material is now ready to print or publish.

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