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Illustrations are a visual way to influence people. Aesthetics that fascinates and gives food for thought. A static image that can tell a whole story.

Importance of illustration

Illustration is not only beautiful, but also very functional.

1. It draws attention

In the flow of information, it is the illustration that helps the content to catch the eye of. And if it is also creative - to stop and start to examine / read the content in more detail.

2. It explains the text

Most often, the image and the text are put in a cohesive way, conveying the essence of what is happening. But sometimes they work as antagonists, completely changing the general meaning. Most often, this technique is used in advertising to demonstrate the irony of a situation.

3. It sets accents

The illustration speaks of what exactly should be paid attention to and what is secondary information for the context. This makes the visual message clearer and more specific.

4. It evokes emotion

The color scale, the prevailing forms, the style of the illustration are no less important factors than the plot of the illustration itself. They influence perception and change the emotional background.

5. It reveals individuality

It is also a great indicator of your taste and style. Strong illustrations can improve the attitude towards your company or project or even make people look at you with different eyes.

Types of illustration

Illustration can be anywhere and perform a variety of functions - the scope is limited only by your imagination and needs. But most often there are such types of it:

  • Bookstore;
  • Advertising;
  • For sites;
  • For applications;
  • For social networks;
  • For merch;
  • Comics, etc.

We will gladly take on any of your ideas, especially if it goes beyond the classical application of illustration.

How it goes

In our agency, the creation of an illustration goes through the following stages:

1. Brief

We collect all the important information - why and who needs an illustration, where it will be placed. If you have references and wishes, this will greatly speed up the process.

2. Analysis

We familiarize ourselves with the material for which an illustration is needed. We analyze your project and its target audience. If you do not have references, we find them and discuss them with you.

3. Idea

We describe the plot with text. We show it to you and decide on the approximate composition, the number of elements, the complexity of the background and other key details.

4. Outline

We sketch the idea in a sketch format and approve it with you. Then we draw a line and get feedback for the final dash.

5. Illustration

It is time to breathe life into the image. We add color, shadows and highlights, draw details, select textures. All set!

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