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Digital banner is your 5 second ad unit. The guide to the landing page. Provocation that turns a site visitor into a potential customer.>

What is important for the banner

Digital banners are designed to grab attention and expand your target audience, so every detail matters here:

  • Meaning

    A high-quality banner answers 3 main user questions: what is it, why and when do I need it (when it comes to temporary promotions or events)?

  • Text

    Concisely conveys the essence, but at the same time maintains a certain intrigue so that the user wants to go to the site or page in social networks and find out more.

  • Image

    Evokes associations and emotions but does not distract from the page content. Everything is important here - colors, plot, composition and the right accents.

Types of banners

In our agency you can order the following types of advertising banners:

  • Static

    Combination of image and text. They are good because they are cheaper than their dynamic counterparts and allow you to concentrate on the text and are available in all browsers.

  • GIF banners

    Alternation of several pictures that follow each other. Simple animation, quick to create and versatile to use.

  • HTML5 banners

    HTML elements with animation and effective design. Adapted for any browsers and devices, can be edited after publication.

How it goes

It doesn't matter if you want to order an html5 banner, gif or a static one, the process of creating it takes 3 stages:

1. Purpose

We determine the purpose of the banner - sales, increasing site traffic, recognition or informing about discounts or promotions. We get to know the target audience.

2. Technical parameters

We find out on which sites the banners will be placed and determine the necessary parameters - weight and size.

3. Banner

We write the selling text and create the design. We submit them to you for approval. If necessary, we make changes.

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