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Animation is an interactive story about your company. Dynamics and staginess that work for the result. Something that will breathe life into your content.

Role of animation in business

Animation makes any company message expressive and effective. And here is why:

  • Information is absorbed faster and remembered better;
  • It catches the viewer and helps convey the idea to the fullest;
  • Needs no further explanation;
  • Expands the possibilities of influencing the target audience;
  • Entertains, evoking only positive emotions.

Do not think animation is purely for the entertainment or children's industry. The more serious the company, the more complex mechanisms in its work that need to be explained in a simple and accessible way.

Types of animation

You can order 2D animation from us for any task and purpose:

  • Motion design

    Animate fonts, animate photos and graphics. The advantage of this design is that simple shapes are used to create it - they are understandable for everyone and do not distract from the essence. Motion is appropriate on the website, in social networks, movies, games and applications as well as presentations.

  • Animation video

    Drawn video with a plot. Thanks to a certain cartoonishness, what is happening is perceived as entertainment and not as a lesson or forcing which disposes the viewer. Used in promo videos, business proposals for partners and internal guides for company employees.

  • Ads

    A video whose main purpose is to sell a product or service. Animation elements help to distinguish the company from competitors, creating the right vibe around the company. It is widely used in advertising on TV and on such social networks as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.

How it goes

Animation creation is a process that you have complete control over. We are constantly asking for feedback and adjusting the content based on your wishes.

6 steps to the result:

1. Information

You describe the product and its key features, the purpose of the video, the customer profile, placements and the impression that needs to be made. We study the specifics of your business and your competitors.

2. Plot

We answer the most important questions: what, how and with whom is happening here? What is the main message? Are we putting pressure on the client's pain or secret desires? Are we acting as an antagonist or protagonist?

3. Storyboard

We draw a sequence of frames - the dynamics of objects or characters, close-ups and long-distance shots, the duration of scenes, the characters' remarks and other details that give an idea of what is happening. We show it to you.

4. Style

We collect and approve style references. Share ideas on how best to integrate it for the product and the goals of the video.

5. Illustrations

We create illustrations for future animation. We detail objects, reveal the characters of the characters, add mood. We ask for your feedback and make changes.

6. Clip

We animate illustrations, create effects. We add background music or we do full-fledged voice acting. Put it all together and give it to you.

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