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Working with influencers is a modern method of brand promotion. Monetizing trust and people's love. An ability to expand your audience at someone else's expense.

Why work with bloggers

Why is advertising so popular among bloggers on Instagram and other social networks? Thanks to the benefits it provides:

  • subscribers trust opinion leaders and often take their recommendations as peer advice;
  • the desire to be “like them” provokes followers to buy everything that appears in the profile of their favorite blogger;
  • the possibility of feedback inspires confidence of the target audience and allows you to work out objections;
  • each subscriber becomes a carrier of information and can share it with others.

Most often, cooperation with bloggers can be found in the following niches:

  • Beauty industry;
  • Fashion;
  • Entertainment establishments;
  • Catering business;
  • Hotels;
  • Food;
  • Education;
  • Childen's goods.

Cooperation formats

Cooperation with an opinion leader is possible in the following formats:

  • Advertising post or story - a paid publication dedicated to the merits of your product with an account tag;
  • Collaboration - cooperation with a blogger, which involves joint development or cross-marketing;
  • Ambassador - the opinion leader becomes the official representative of the brand, they often advertise it and also attend events;
  • Contests - the brand acts as a sponsor and the blogger provides an audience that fights for the products of this company;
  • Marathons - daily tasks with posting of publications, for the completion of which a prize from the organizing brand is due.

As for the payment for the services of an influencer, barter, commercial cooperation, an affiliate program, or renting out an expensive product is possible. How much does Instagram advertising cost when it comes to bloggers? There is no single answer to this question. It all depends on the niche, coverage and complexity of advertising integration.

How it goes

How to order ads on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube? Contact us and we will cooperate according to the following scheme:

1. Brief

You provide information about the company and its products or services, competitors, consumers. Formulate the goals of cooperation and the budget. Describe the essence of the task for the blogger, the integration format, the desired dates and other data.

2. Target audience

We study the target audience - who these people are, what interests they have and what inspires them, what they fear, what is important for them in life. We study the pages to which they are subscribed.

3. Competitors

We analyze your competitors - their USP and advertising campaigns. We mark the influencers with whom they work - we will not work with them, this is ineffective. We read the comments to understand the main objections.

4. Opinion leaders

We form a portrait of a suitable blogger and contact those who fit the profile. We agree on cooperation and monitor the fulfillment of the conditions.

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