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Maintaining a page on social media is about building a brand's reputation. Strengthening your position in the market through communication with the target audience. Establishing an emotional connection that develops into loyalty to the company.

Importance of SMM

Maintaining a page on social networks helps to solve many business problems:

  • Attracts attention;
  • Makes the brand recognizable;
  • Increases audience coverage;
  • Informs about products, bonuses and promotions;
  • Increases sales of products or services;
  • Forms a reliable fan base;
  • Gives quick feedback.

What content we work with

You can order SMM promotions both for business and for your personal brand on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Vkontakte or Telegram. The service of maintaining a page includes its text content, design and administration. Photo / video filming and advertising promotion are paid additionally.

We create the following types of content:

1. Informational

Useful information about what product you need, how to choose it and use it, what to look for. This includes workshops, checklists, faqs, how-to articles and a selection of useful resources.

2. Entertaining

The most common type of content on social media. It does not contain a semantic load, but it helps to relax and reboot. These are interesting facts, jokes, quotes, comics, riddles and provocative articles.

3. Selling

What we are all here for is sales-oriented content with a specific offer and call-to-action. This can be information about a product, discounts or promotions, cases, reviews, commercial offers.

4. Engaging

Anything that stimulates the activity of subscribers - likes, comments and posts with hashtags - and makes the page live. These are such types of content as contests, polls, articles on hot topics and questions and answers.

5. Viral

Content that can boost your reach and build your lead base in no time. The downside is that it is unrealistic to plan or guarantee such an effect. Most often, memes, videos, quizzes and infographics are shot.

How it goes

Maintaining a page on social networks takes place in the following stages:

1. Brief

We get to know your company and its products, competitors and target audience. We find out about your goals and wishes as well as the results of the previous promotion (if any).

2. Analysis

We study your industry and its main players. We analyze the target audience - what they have in common, their interests and hours of activity.

3. SMM content plan

For each post, we prescribe the release date and time, style, topic, hashtags. We create a general design concept and for Instagram we make a layout of posts.

4. Content

We write texts, process images, add branded elements to them. We approve them with you and make changes.

5. Publication and analysis

We publish posts according to the approved content plan. We monitor the coverage in order to react in time if something happens.

6. Administration

As part of community management, we provide feedback to your clients. We answer questions, find out the reasons for refusals and work with objections.

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