SMM strategy is a systematic approach to promotion in social networks. Planning that will lead to your desired business goals. Sponsor of the love and dedication of your audience.

What is an SMM promotion strategy for?

SMM strategy helps to:

  • Save time and money - you do not waste resources on tests and chaotic actions, but go in a specific direction;
  • Be guided by a clear plan - any goal looks more realistic if you break it down into subtasks and identify ways to achieve it;
  • Create a single vision for your team - everyone understands what and how to do in order to get the desired result;
  • Connect new employees quickly - nothing will give you such a complete understanding of your position in social networks than a prescribed strategy;
  • Correctly analyze the received numbers - you can always check the initial tasks and KPIs.

Examples of SMM strategies

SMM content strategy completely depends on your positioning and the desired relationship with the target audience.

Here are some examples of how the most iconic brands do it:

  • Starbucks shares photos of its customers, encouraging them to take more and more spectacular shots with the branded cup;
  • National Geographic uses social photography and article excerpts to attract followers to its site;
  • Nike proves that sport is for everyone by publishing not only perfect bodies of athletes, but also the stories of ordinary people who managed to overcome themselves;
  • Chanel maintains its status and, instead of flirting with the audience, publishes aesthetic fashion stories;
  • Netflix promotes their products as much as possible with the help of iconic dialogues that users are happy to repost in stories.

How it goes

The creation of an SMM strategy takes place in 7 stages:

1. Brief

You fill out a brief in which you indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the company, USP, goals and objectives of SMM promotion as well as KPIs that will be a basis for our work.

2. Competitors

We analyze the actions of competitors and collect successful cases. We pay attention to the visual style and tone of voice.

3. Consumers

We observe the target audience, segment it and draw up a detailed portrait of each group.

4. Concept

We brainstorm and generate the maximum number of concepts. We show you the best ideas and approve the one that we will follow in the future.

5. Site

Based on your goals, concept and characteristics of the target audience, we select the most promising platforms for promotion.

6. Content

We develop a tone of voice for your brand. We arrange visual ideas into a mood board. We show it to you and create a content plan for SMM after approval.

7. Promotion

We select thematic communities and opinion leaders with whom you will work. We determine the vector and frequency of advertising campaigns.

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