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Naming is not just a beautiful word, but the quintessence of your brand. Its character and personality. Verbal implementation of values and approach to work.

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Successful naming is what turns a company, product or application into a real brand. It must:

  • distinguish you from competitors;
  • evoke the necessary associations;
  • be easy to remember;
  • convey individuality;
  • be unique.

It is rather difficult to fit all this in 1-2 words but it is possible. That is why good naming never fears price.

Naming strategies

1. Full name

A good way to immortalize your name. Bad way to hook a user, because nobody knows you yet.
Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, Versace, Ford, Hilton

2. Abbreviations and acronyms

A whole set of meanings in a laconic form. The main thing is to make it easy to read, because the decoding will be forgotten over time.
HP (Hewlett & Packard), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), FedEx (Federal Express), Asos (as seen on screen), Durex (Durable Reliable Excellence), Adidas (Adolf Dassler)

3. Analogy

Inspiration in famous personalities, animals, plants, deities. The more unusual the better.
Camel, Jagermeister, Tesla, Nike, Puma, Jaguar, Bounty, Venus, Pandora

4. Alliteration

Rhythm and rhyme for better memorization and pleasant pronunciation.
Coca-Cola, M&M's, Chupa-Chups, KitKat, Tic-Tac, Tutti-Frutti

5. Onomatopoeia

Unusual transfer of product properties and qualities. A short and emotional path to the heart of the target audience.
Agusha, Schweppes, Jeep, Whiskas, Twitter

6. Neologisms

Invented words with a deep secret meaning. Or not.
Google, Xerox, Reddit (read it), Kodak, Etsy, Spotify

How it goes

Are you wondering why the cost of a creative service is what it is? It includes both the professionalism of the team and the entire process of its creation. For example, the price for naming is formed taking into account the following stages:

1. Data analysis

We analyze the product itself and its positioning, target audience, competitors. We clarify what you would like it to associate with, what language and word count are preferable.

2. Brainstorming

We get together as a team and generate the maximum number of options. We exchange opinions, complement each other, play with words and meanings.

3. Selection of options

Of all the names, and there can be up to a hundred of them, we choose the most suitable ones. Suitable means memorable, associative, euphonic, easy to pronounce, without doubtful ambiguity.

4. Verification

We check the selected shortlist to see if there are any similar names on the market, if URLs and social media accounts are available, and most importantly, if anyone has previously chosen this name for their brand.

5. Presentation

We will present the naming options to you, explaining the meaning inherent in them. After that it's all a matter of your taste.

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