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Business presentation is an appeal to the audience in pdf format. Simple presentation of complex information. An excellent opportunity to demonstrate not only your professionalism, but also your taste.

Why you need a business presentation

Every company needs a business presentation, because it allows you to influence the reader by word, form and color. But it plays a special role in such cases:

1. Search for funding

Convince an investor or venture capital fund that your idea is worth investing in with bright, thoughtful infographics and strong copyright.

2. Speech at the conference

Introduce your product, project or company to your audience and keep their focus from the first slide to the last.

3. Newsletter

Show your partners or potential clients that you can be trusted by understanding their needs and benefits.

Problems should be trusted to the pros

Often companies create business presentations on their own or entrust beginners to do it. You can, of course, try it too, but be prepared for what it will look like:

  • Unreadable

    There is too much text or the font is poorly chosen. This leads to the fact that after a few slides the information ceases to be perceived. More is not better.

  • Ugly

    Inappropriate style or tasteless presentation can easily ruin the overall impression of the company and divert attention from the information that should have caught the target audience.

  • Unconvincing

    A presentation is not just a set of slides with data, but a phased storytelling with motivation for a targeted action. That is why we have a marketer on our team.

How a business project presentation is created

1. Brief

You provide all the important information - your identity, what and who needs this presentation, preferred styles, structure and all the data that should be in it.

2. Copywriting

We write texts for each slide, highlighting the most important and interesting information. We make the text as clear as possible and show it to you.

3. Style

We design multiple slides and approve with you the presentation style - colors, graphic elements, photo design, infographics.

4. Presentation

We finish all the slides according to the approved style. We send you the finished material in pdf format.

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