Packaging is the wrapper for your product. Combination of aesthetics and functionality. 5 second presentation that influences the buying decision.

What does packaging mean for business?

Previously, product packaging only kept its integrity during storage and transportation. Today it has become a powerful marketing tool. This is not just a shell, but a real business packaging that performs a number of important functions:

  • attracts attention and sets you apart from competitors;
  • interacts with the consumer through color and texture;
  • helps to identify the brand;
  • talks about the product, its properties and benefits;
  • evokes emotion by prompting action.

Why you need packaging

Packaging design helps to solve many problems of your business:

1. Supports corporate identity

Let the brand reputation work for the sale of a specific product and its packaging serves as an advertisement for the entire company.

2. Reflects positioning

No disappointed expectations: the packaging design must match the price and quality of the product.

3. Informs about what is most important

It is important to show the product as it really is as well as indicate the current composition and method of application.

4. Facilitates use

Good packaging is convenient to use - it provides easy access to the product, helps to dispense it correctly and seal it tightly.

Turnkey business packaging

Packaging creation is a complex but very interesting process. It directly depends on whether we package a new product of a well-known brand or whether this is the company's first entry into the market. But the basic steps remain the same:

1. Information

You fill out a brief, we study it and do our own market research.

2. Visual elements

We collect references, define the style (if this is your first product) and key elements of the packaging.

3. Concepts

We create several options for packaging design with different accents, composition and degree of detail. You choose one of them.

4. Refinement

We finalize the version you liked and draw the details, select the right tones and fonts.

5. Layout

We provide the final layout of the package and you just have to send it to production.

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