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Programmatic buying is a modern advertising driver. Automation and optimization of your sales. Something that connects you to the right user at the right time and at a set price.

What is the essence of such a promotion?

Do you want to promote with the help of display ads, but do not want to manually search for sites and negotiate with each of them? Automate the process with programmatic buying and buy ads at auctions (RTB display ads) or directly from a web publisher without an exchange or trading (programmatic direct). Any formats are possible here - from classic banners to rich-media.

How it works with the example of RTB:

1. The user gets to the site from a search engine or an external resource.

2. When the page loads, the programmatic makes a request.

3. The system analyzes the user's profile and sets up an auction.

4. A suitable advertiser with the highest bid is selected.

5. The "winner" advertisement is loaded into the user's browser.

What programmatic buying gives you

With programmatic buying you can:

  • Save resources - by delegating the search and purchase of ads, you will significantly speed up the process and reduce costs.
  • Achieve the desired target audience with detailed targeting based on demographic and behavioral data as well as geolocation and intentions.
  • Optimize advertising campaigns thanks to flexible settings and the ability to make changes to active advertising campaigns.
  • Maximize your reach by targeting your users' duplicates and retargeting users on other devices.
  • Scale without restrictions and risks - you can buy any volumes at the price you set.
  • Stay on top of innovation - new entrants bring more progressive strategies, formats and creatives to the ecosystem.

How it goes

Promotion using programmatic buying (rtb or direct advertising) is as follows:

1. Brief

We talk to you and learn about the company, past advertising campaigns and the goals you want to achieve.

2. Analysis

We analyze and segment your target audience, creating a detailed portrait. We study competitors and their advertising activities.

3. Promo materials

We prepare promo materials taking into account the required format and approve them with you. We make corrections if necessary.

4. Configuring AC

We set up targeting depending on the goals of the campaign. We set restrictions on impressions for one user.

5. Launching and optimization

Choosing a strategy and setting CPM. We launch a campaign and monitor KPIs. We also optimize your campaign.

6. Report

Upon completion of the AC, we make a report with conclusions on the results and recommendations for the next campaigns.

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