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SEO/SERM is about strengthening the brand's position in the market. Managing your awareness, reputation and therefore sales. A strategic tool for those who see their business development in 5-10 years.

Difference between SEO and SERM

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is search engine optimization. Actions that will help bring the site to the first positions in Google, Yandex and / or Baidu with targeted queries.

SEO tools focus on external and internal optimization.

  • Internal optimization is compiling the semantic core of the site, including keywords, setting up internal linking, correct url and tags, and improving the site's usability.
  • External optimization is the formation of a link mass through articles on thematic resources, comments on forums as well as presence in directories and directories.

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) is search engine reputation management. Includes SEO and PR tools to help build a positive online image.

  • This is working with reviews, forums and social networks, posting news and image content.

Who needs SEO/SERM promotion

You need SEO promotion if:

  • you have an active sales site;
  • you want to increase the flow of targeted traffic, improve conversions, increase brand awareness and drive repeat sales.

You need SERM promotion if:

  • you are a politician or businessman with a personal brand or your company's niche is very dependent on reputation - this is a bank, clinic, online store, insurance, legal or construction company;
  • you need to evaluate the opinion of the company, neutralize the negativity from consumers / competitors and improve your image in the web space.

How it goes

SEO tages

1. We communicate with you and define specific goals.

2. We analyze your site and its positions, we study your competitors.

3. We give recommendations for optimization and approve the scope of work.

4. We collect semantics, form the core of requests.

5. We optimize pages - prescribe tags and headings, provide keywords or write SEO texts ourselves (for an extra charge).

6. We do internal linking, increasing the weight of strategic pages.

7. We improve the usability of the site.

8. We create external links to your resource.

9. We support website optimization while updating content and algorithms.

SERM stages

1. We get to know your company, discuss the situation and goals.

2. We monitor reviews and mentions about you or the company, we identify negative reviews.

3. We collect information that needs to be conveyed to the target audience.

4. We define a list of requests for promotion as well as priority sites for posting content and reviews.

5. We work on social networks, respond to reviews and leave our own.

6. We monitor the results and new opinions. If necessary, we adjust the strategy.

How advertising is set up

We cooperate according to the following scheme:

1. Brief

You fill out information about the company, its USP, special offers as well as your competitors and target audiences. You specify the ad format, timing, budget, geography and other important details of the campaign.

2. Research

We analyze the consumer and their needs. We analyze websites and advertising companies of your competitors. We study your site.

3. Media planning

We select promotion channels, distribute the budget and form the campaign performance indicators.

4. Content

We select keywords and write text for them. We prepare an image, if needed for our ad.

5. Configuration and launch

We set up and launch a campaign. We constantly monitor statistics so that in case of a low conversion, we can adjust the advertising campaign or give you recommendations on the site.

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