Contextual advertising is a quick way to expand your target audience. A hunt whose goal is traffic to the site.

What such a promotion gives

Contextual and targeted advertising are different tools that work great in tandem and pursue the same business goals:

  • Make the company recognizable;
  • Make you stand out from your competitors;
  • Attract new users to the site, stimulating sales;
  • Help to advance in specific regions;
  • Inform about new products or promotions;
  • Provide quick and measurable results.

Now let us take a closer look at each ad format.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is working with a hot audience that is already interested in a specific product or service. These can be ads that are displayed on the search engine results page (search) or advertising on sites similar in topic to our ad (thematic).

Contextual targeting can help you make the most of your budget. You can specify the time of ad display or select the target audience by geo or demographic indicators.

You can also work with users who visited the site, but did not take the targeted action using remarketing / retargeting.

The advantage of contextual advertising is that it gives good results for expensive and luxury goods, for example, cottages or jewelry.

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is a promotion in social networks aimed at certain segments of the target audience. Such ads are displayed in the feed as well as in special blocks. And if contextual advertising reacts to existing demand, targeted advertising creates it.

Setting up targeted advertising allows you to choose not only the time of display, geography and demography of users, but also their interests, behavior and even events in life. Thus, you can segment your target audience and create separate messages for each of them.

Advertising messages on social networks can be more colorful and informal than on search engines, but this format is not suitable for every group of products. Among other advantages - targeted advertising is cheaper, but its conversion rate is lower.

How advertising is set up

We cooperate according to the following scheme:

1. Brief

You fill out information about the company, its USP, special offers as well as your competitors and target audiences. You specify the ad format, timing, budget, geography and other important details of the campaign.

2. Research

We analyze the consumer and their needs. We analyze websites and advertising companies of your competitors. We study your site.

3. Media planning

We select promotion channels, distribute the budget and form the campaign performance indicators.

4. Content

We select keywords and write text for them. Prepare an image, if needed for our ad.

5. Configuration and launch

We set up and launch a campaign. We constantly monitor statistics so that in case of a low conversion, we can adjust the advertising campaign or give you recommendations on the site.

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