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Site is the first impression of you in the web space. Repository of the most important information about the company. Your appeal to the user which motivates them to take the necessary actions.

Design vs. front-end development vs. back-end development

UX specialist Jared Spool, working with a well-known US retailer, conducted an experiment by modifying just one button on the site. As a result, the company's sales increased by $300 million a year. This is a vivid example of how important a website is for any business, and how important every detail is. We carefully study each of the three main stages of website development:

1. Design

Design is the first thing a user evaluates when visiting a site. Everything is important: page brightness, colors, graphic elements, font size and readability. A harmonious combination of these elements encourages the user to stay on the site longer and increases their engagement.

2. Front-end development

Creating a coherent interface that is visually appealing and user-friendly. Front-end development collects design elements and helps to create a cross-browser site that displays correctly on all platforms and devices, i.e. computers, tablets and phones.

3. Back-end development

Behind the outer shell of the site, there are a lot of lines of program code. They are responsible for processing user requests, interacting with the server, storing data and the smooth operation of the site as a whole.

Custom UX/UI Design

UX/UI design means design with an architecture that is intuitive to the user. Its main function is to make the use of the site convenient for the visitor. Our UX/UI designers pay attention to every detail: font size, button shape and color, and button placement. A well-designed site design predicts user behavior, helping them quickly use the site to get the right information, order a service, or make a purchase.

Front-end development

We have extensive experience in front-end development. Using all sorts of visual effects, we will make your site look modern and attractive. At the same time, we will make sure that the entire site works as quickly as possible, and the page interface is displayed correctly. We can create a website in any development environment, because our specialists work with different programming languages and frameworks:

  • JavaScript is a language supported by most browsers. JavaScript helps to change the styles of different elements, add text and tags to the page as well as set conditions for performing certain functions on the site.
  • HTML is the page markup that structures a website page and its content. The markup allows you to create the foundation of the site so that the page elements are correctly displayed in the browser.
  • JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a text format that organizes the storage of data and facilitates the process of their exchange between the client and the server. JSON is compact and easy to read by both computers and humans.
  • AngularJS is a framework for working with JS and single page applications. AngularJS allows you to create simple applications. Open source code simplifies the process of building websites.
  • jQuery is a library for working with page events and AJAX technology. jQuery simplifies the management of visual effects on the site and makes the interaction of HTML elements more convenient.
  • React JS is a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. React improves application performance. The concept of virtual DOM, which the library uses, allows you to create dynamic applications, because interface elements can be updated without reloading the entire page.
  • Vue is a virtual DOM framework. Templates are used here, which makes Vue a simpler framework. Vue has a large number of components in the local system. This can be enough for a complete development process.

Back-end development

This part is equally important for the proper functioning of the site. We use only universal solutions with which you can add an unlimited set of functions to your site. We are capable of developing solutions of any complexity: from a simple contact management system to universal CRM systems with a large amount of data.

In the process of back-end development, we use different programming languages and frameworks:

  • PHP is a programming language used in back-end development. The code written in PHP runs on the server side, so the language can be used to generate dynamic pages, process data, and work with cookies.
  • Node.js is a JS software platform that transforms JavaScript code into native code. Node.Js allows you to use different modules and plugins in programs, and platform libraries provide code execution at high speed.
  • Java is a multifunctional programming language. Java helps to create multimedia applications that run on any platform.
  • Python is an object-oriented programming language. It is used to create websites and develop software. A huge plus of Python is its flexibility and versatility.
  • Express.js is a framework for the Node.js platform that is great for its flexibility and many features. With it, you can create web applications and APIs.
  • MongoDB is an affordable and secure database management system. Among the advantages of MongoDB are its flexibility, high scalability, document orientation, and great performance.
  • Yii2 is a PHP framework. Yii2 is suitable for creating forums, portals, and online stores.
  • Laravel is a PHP framework often used to build more complex websites and applications. Simplifies work with databases, speeds up caching and routing through process automation.

Our Custom Website Development Process

When developing a website, our team takes into account all the details. Before launching the project, we collect all the data to create a roadmap for the development of the site. Before that, we determine the target audience of the client. Average age, gender, income level, interests and hobbies - all this affects the final look of the site to varying degrees. The content of the site is also important, because the final solution depends on the type of task.

Website development in Deviart consists of the following important steps:

1. planning;

2. design development (Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator);

3. context creation;

4. front-end development;

5. back-end development;

6. testing and deployment.

Create a professional website

Our developers have vast experience in all key areas related to website development.

Our benefits:

1. Experience in custom web application development;

2. Experience in website and CRM system creation;

3. No cookie-cutter solutions — we strive to create a unique product, taking into account all your individual requirements and wishes.

4. Diverse coding experience (all popular languages and frameworks);

5. Website maintenance, monitoring & support — we maintain the sites we have created, support clients at all stages and develop their projects after the release of the site. Our team implements new technologies in websites or web solutions so that our clients and their business are constantly developing.

Our developers know how to write code properly, and in the process of writing it, they create technical instructions so that you can easily understand the code. We constantly monitor global trends in technology, which means that we offer our customers the newest and most effective solutions.

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