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CRM system is the key to the productive work of your company. Consolidation of all data and processes into one system. Something that will free you from routine and allow you to engage in business development.

Custom CRM Development

One of the key business indicators is productivity, profitability, and gain. In order to increase these values, companies are increasingly turning to the use of CRM - Customer Relationship Management. This is a management system that allows you to automate work, control the execution of various tasks, collect reporting, and manage all business processes through one convenient program.

Our team develops CRM systems of any complexity, taking into account all the features and needs of the business. We create individual systems and integrate into them the user functions that are able to give a boost to the client company's development.

Our specialists are engaged in automating CRM business processes. As practice shows, many tasks related to sales, marketing, customer service, and data collection can and should be automated. This not only saves resources but also avoids many potential risks.

In addition to this, our team of experienced developers creates cloud CRM services and mobile CRM applications. You will have round-the-clock access to all important information, and you will be able to effectively manage your business even from your smartphone.

CRM Software Development Services

The functionality of CRM software depends on a variety of factors: the specifics of the industry in which the business operates, its production capacity, important needs, key advantages, and weaknesses. Our specialists carefully analyze all of these indicators in order to create the most effective and personalized software.

Developing CRM software opens up new opportunities for you:

  • Managing accounts and contacts. You will be able to gain a deeper understanding and analyze your audience thanks to full visibility into your customers. You can obtain information about them from additional sources, which will help you maintain communication with your target audience and adjust your development strategy.
  • Sales data management. Integration with effective third-party applications and extensions allows for the most accurate and up-to-date sales data to be obtained.
  • Opportunity management and planning ahead. We will create software that is capable of recording the complete sequence of user actions, which will help forecast the company's expenses and profits in the future.
  • Management. We are capable of creating software that allows you to easily manage and track all projects in one convenient system.
  • Email integration.We integrate and synchronize current email channels, significantly optimizing business processes.
  • Workflow and approvals.We automate even complex sales processes, such as task assignment, discount approval, custom email notifications, order fulfillment, and proposal generation.
  • Reports and dashboards.Our software allows you to track all business processes in real-time, effectively manage all important data, whether it be expenses, production load, profit, and much more.
  • Sales forecasting.We will create software that can forecast future sales levels based on the data received and taking into account market changes. You can adjust marketing campaigns, reduce risks, and make effective decisions for your business.

CRM for Small-Medium Business

CRM systems are a highly flexible tool that should be integrated into businesses of any scale and industry. We develop custom CRM systems that enable our clients to grow their business and significantly increase its efficiency. Our developers will create a high-quality and precise CRM system with a user-friendly interface.

With such software, they/them can manage all available data, track sales in real-time, receive information from additional sources, and analyze the effectiveness of their business operations.

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