CRM system is the key to the productive work of your company. Consolidation of all data and processes into one system. Something that will free you from routine and allow you to engage in business development.

Why you need a CRM system

CRM system is a tool for medium and large businesses which provides the following opportunities:

1. Cutting costs

Automate processes to reduce the cost of routine operations and correcting human errors.

2. Access to customer data

Deliver personalized service through customer information and interactions. Collect data about your target audience to better understand their needs.

3. Control of employees

Have access to labor costs and KPIs of employees - this will help you plan further workload and make the right decisions.

4. Fast reporting

Control the work of each department, track the dynamics of sales and the effectiveness of sales with a couple of clicks.

5. Clear mechanism of work

Follow a clear algorithm for cooperation with partners and clients. Improve collaboration between departments to increase overall productivity.

Your own CRM program

We will develop a CRM system for an online store, beauty salon, real estate agency, commodity business, travel agency, service center, recruiting company, clinic, developer, production, restaurant, fitness club and other businesses.

You can use a ready-made CRM solution, but be prepared to some difficulties:

  • You will not be able to adapt all business processes, some of them will have to be carried out in other programs;
  • Excessive functionality will distract from the necessary features, since it cannot be completely hidden;
  • You are dependent on the provider and do not have complete control over the software;
  • You need to pay extra for integration with other programs and their list is very limited;
  • A standard CRM system is easier to hack - the security of your business is in question;
  • Hidden payments can come as an unpleasant surprise and create a hole in a company's budget.

How the creation and implementation of a CRM system takes place

Work on a CRM system takes place in 9 stages:

1. Brief

We communicate with management and sales managers. We collect information about your company, its business processes and industry.

2. Terms of reference

We analyze business problems, create a list of priority tasks and ways to solve them. We register it in the TR and approve it with you.

3. Prototype

We create mock-ups of the interface with all the interaction scenarios and show them to you. At this stage, it is important for us to get the most complete feedback.

4. Back end

We create the server part of the project and prescribe the functionality, logic and algorithms of the CRM system for each user role.

5. Design and copyright

We draw dashboards taking into account the UI / UX as well as your corporate identity. We create texts for all screens and their elements.

6. Front end

We develop a user interface - make up layouts, add menus, sliders and other technical elements.

7. Testing

We test every component of the CRM system - security, data accuracy and functionality. We find and fix bugs.

8. Implementation

We transfer the system to your hosting or equipment. We synchronize the CRM system with other work programs, train staff.

9. Refinement

We collect feedback on the work of the new CRM system and form a list of improvements for the functionality and interface. We finalize the system.

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