Application is an opportunity to become a part of your user's life. The easiest way to establish a close bond with them. Interactive object that gives emotions and influences behavior.

Application types

There are two types of applications depending on the type of development.

1. Native

They are written specifically for the platform - iOS or Android - in a specific programming language. They can work without an Internet connection, they discharge the phone less and work faster. In native applications, UX design is used to its fullest and they themselves have wider functionality. Their development is more expensive, but they are faster and easier to update.

2. Hybrid

Developed in a universal language and for all platforms at once. An internet connection is important for them as the content is loaded from a source on an external server. The design is not responsive, but the creation of such an application is many times more affordable.

We develop mostly native apps, but we can do hybrid as well.

As for the purpose of applications, we work with the following:

1. Games - arcades, races, quests, shooters and other games of interest to children or adults;

2. Promotional applications for business - services of purchase, delivery, rent, reviews and others;

3. Content - news, courses, programs and other types of content;

4. Social networks - for personal or professional communication.

In general, we are ready to implement any of your ideas from scratch, so if you have a non-standard idea, please contact us.

Business application

While everything is clear with social networks and gaming content, business applications are a relatively new niche. But it has great potential:

  • Image - let your clients know that you are keeping up with the times;
  • Loyalty program - the application is many times more convenient than physical bonus cards;
  • Communication - clients will always be aware of the company's news and its activities;
  • Service - quick feedback will increase your reputation;
  • Community - your entire audience is gathered in one place;
  • Sales - drive purchases when you are a click away from your customer.

How it goes

We work with all projects according to a single standard, which includes the following stages of work:

1. Analytics

You share your idea and application goals with us. We study the market and existing solutions, competitors' shticks, consumer behavior. We think over the life cycle of the client. We show you design and functional references.

2. Terms of reference

We record the user history of the application - functionality, interface, characters and the user's journey (customer journey map). We approve the estimate and work plan.

3. Prototype

We create a detailed prototype for different use cases. We discuss the details, make corrections if necessary.

4. Design and copyright

Rendering multiple screens so that you can appreciate the style, colors and graphics. We write the text. We approve and continue to work.

5. Development

We write code, embodying not only the technical part, but also the design - styles and UI elements.

6. Testing and revision

We test the functionality, fix bugs, check the technical specifications. We finalize the application and test it again. And so on until the application is ready for release.

7. Release

We prepare promotional pictures and text and upload the application to the market. Now it is up to the promotion.

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