Site is the first impression of you in the web space. Repository of the most important information about the company. Your appeal to the user which motivates them to take the necessary actions.

What website development gives

The site simultaneously solves several functions:

  • Informs about a project, product or a specific topic;
  • Forms a favorable image;
  • Performs its marketing function.

As for the last point, it is not always about sales. The purpose of the site may be to increase the awareness about the company, search for partners, receive feedback from customers, provide information and service support, inform about upcoming events, and interact with the media.

For non-commercial projects, the site allows you to search for like-minded people, sponsors and volunteers as well as display the progress and needs of the project.

Site development: what is important

The following elements are important in site development:

1.UI/UX design

UI (user interface) is the creation of the graphical part of the interface. To make the site not only bright, but also convenient, every detail is important - color accents, arrangement of elements, buttons, fonts, animation.

UX (user experience) is thinking over the logic of user interaction with the site. The more intuitive the interface, the more likely the user will take the targeted action.

2. Content

All content on the site can be divided into text and media.

The main task of text content is to provide complete information about a project or product, to convince of its importance and necessity, to close objections and to motivate for a targeted action.

Media content is all those pictures, photos, audio and video that clearly demonstrate the features of the product and its use. The more complex the idea, product or service, the more important it is to show the media.

3. Front end

This is the face of the site - everything that you see and with which you can interact. This also includes all requests that are processed without reloading the page.

Thanks to the front, the site looks holistic and each of its elements stands in place and serves its intended purpose.

4. Back end

Invisible, back-end of the site, which ensures its functioning.

The backend processes the information received from the frontend and returns the result in a form understandable to the user.

How the creation of turnkey sites takes place

Regardless of the size of the site and its goals, the development process includes the following stages:

1. Brief

You prescribe the goals and objectives of the site, its target audience, the necessary sections and functionality as well as what mood and associations it should evoke. You also show sites that you like and dislike.

2. Analysis

We analyze your consumers - what they want and fear, what motivates them, who influences their decisions, etc. We study competitors and their positioning.

3. Prototype

We create a detailed website layout with all the elements and functions and show it to you. This helps to present the final result as well as to more accurately estimate the scope of work and development time.

4. Design

We develop a design for the main page. We use your corporate identity, if it already exists, if not, we create it. We approve colors, fonts and visual effects with you and scale the design to all pages.

5. Back end

Depending on the TR, we choose a programming language, framework and also the type of database. We write the code, design the database.

6. Copywriting

We ask you for all the available information about the company, discuss the tonality and write the text for the main page. After the approval of the style and level of detail of the data, we create a copy for the entire site.

7. Front end

We make up the designed layouts, prescribe styles and js. We adapt the site for different devices.

8. Integration

We integrate the frontend and backend. Choosing and implementing a query architecture.

9. Localization

If you need localization, we translate the content in a culturally sensitive way and create a new language version of the site.

If you have read to the end, you are probably wondering about the development cost. But we do not have a fixed amount. For such a service as creating a website, the price depends on a number of factors - the type of website, the number of pages, the complexity of the design and technical solutions. Contact us to get a quote for your company.
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