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SEO copywriting is another way to make your company visible. A laconic response to a user's request. Useful information to build loyalty.

What seo text optimization gives

Seo copywriting is an important promotion tool. It allows you to improve your site in search results and increase organic traffic. And thus, reduce advertising costs.

More than regular copywriting

Writing seo text is more difficult than it seems at first glance. For good optimization, it is not enough to enter keywords - it is necessary to make the copy attractive both for search engines and for the site user. And here's how you can achieve it:

  • Unique text. No copy-paste or hackneyed wording. This is the only way it can raise the site to the top of the search results and motivate it for a targeted action.
  • Usefulness and relevance to the request. The longer a user is on a page, the higher search engines rate it. At the same time, off-topic material diminishes the credibility of the company.
  • Bigger is not better. An abundance of keywords has the exact opposite effect, especially if they are nearby - it lowers the site's ranking.
  • Natural and easy-to-read headline. Without being interested at the start, no one will read further.
  • Correct structure. Headings and subheadings, lists, the logical thread of the narration - all this makes the text easier for the user to perceive and makes it easier to evaluate by search algorithms.

To get a text that meets all the requirements and helps to achieve the desired effect, you need to trust the specialists.

How it goes

In our agency, two specialists work on seo text at once - one is responsible for optimization, the second is responsible for form and meaning. Writing seo text itself takes place in 5 stages:

1. Brief

You provide us with information about the company and its activities, target audience as well as issues that need to be disclosed.

2. Keys

Our seo specialist determines what keywords are needed in the text, their number and place of occurrences, the optimal amount of material.

3. Research

We study the intricacies of the industry in order to convey useful information instead of the obvious.

4. Writing

We write the text taking into account all technical and aesthetic wishes. We show it to you, collect edits and wishes.

5. Editing

We improve the seo text and, finally, send it to you. Post it to increase your visibility and sales.

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