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Selling copy is the voice driver of your profits. The right words that turn the reader into a customer. A promise to keep.

What is selling text

The purpose of the selling text lies in its very title. But to lead the user to this action, you need to go through several stages. Namely:

  • Attract attention;
  • Arouse interest in your product;
  • Arouse the desire to acquire it;
  • Encourage purchase.

At the same time, the text should contain the need itself, the ways to satisfy it and the final result.

Copywriting cost

We do not believe in paying for a text for 1 thousand characters. The price of quality copywriting does not depend on the number of characters, but on their meaning. It is often much more difficult to present all the information (and at the same time to hook the user) in one paragraph than in a full-fledged article.

Also, the cost of the selling text is influenced by the timing, complexity of the industry and the type of content. In our agency you can order:

  • Email newsletter;
  • Landing / pre-landing pages;
  • Multi-page site;
  • Advertisement;
  • Booklet/brochure/flyer;
  • Sponsored article;
  • Commercial offer.

How it goes

Although copywriting is a creative process, we follow a certain procedure when creating it.

1. Gathering information

We communicate with you to find out more about the company, its target audience and the goals of a specific text. We define the main messages and tone of voice.

2. Research

We do a deeper study of the target audience, understand the intricacies of the industry and study the texts of your competitors. We draw conclusions and make notes for the future copy.

3. Writing text

We form the structure and write the text according to it, highlighting the key points and motivating the reader to the necessary conclusions and actions.

4. Feedback

After collective proofreading and elaboration of all possible expressions, we show the text to you.

5. Final option

We finalize the text taking into account your edits and suggestions. Now it is ready to expand your brand's audience and increase sales.

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