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Voiceover is a verbal way to convey information about your project or services. Conversation with the target audience in the right tone and at the right frequency. A timbre that will show your character and intentions.

What is professional video voiceover

Professional voiceover is distinguished from amateur by details:

1. Pronunciation is clear, but at the same time natural;

2. Speech sounds clear - no noise, whistle or hiss;

3. The intonation changes, but the volume and rhythm remain the same;

4. Voiser's passion and interest is passed on to others;

5. The presentation of the material resembles a conversation and is easily perceived;

6. The text is not simply read out, but lived through.

Voiceover for video in our agency

Here you can get high-quality voiceover for every taste:

  • Gender: female, male;
  • Age: children, youth, adult, elderly;
  • Voice type: advertising, podcast, presentation, answering machine or auto informer, animation video, parody, game voice acting or any other format you need;
  • 59 languages: Russian, English, Polish, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and others.

We can also simulate any necessary voice from a fairy creature to a robot.

How it goes

The process of dubbing a video consists of 3 stages:

1. Wishes

We review the script and voiceover requirements. We clarify the language, age category and gender as well as the desired timbre. You can also show references.

2. Choice

We find and show you the options for votes, you choose the most suitable one. We can also arrange an impromptu casting based on a part of your script.

3. Recording

We record the voiceover and send it to you. If there are comments, we can rewrite, but if the script itself changes, we will do it only for an extra charge.

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