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Script is the backbone of your video. Something that will help you shoot as quickly and efficiently as possible. A story that engages and leads to the desired result.

Role of the script

The script for a video is the first and very important stage in the work on the video. It is not enough just to write a text and make a table with a storyboard - a good script covers specific tasks:

  • Keeps in suspense, has emotional peaks;
  • The moral of the video is obvious not only to its creators;
  • Draws attention to a person, problem, or product;
  • Has a specific call to action;
  • Works for the reputation of the company or project.

Types of videos

We work with many video formats, including not only traditional ads, but also scripts for YouTube videos.

Types of videos:

  • Advertising - Make your sales tool a work of art;
  • Show - entertain people beautifully, give them something new;
  • Social - reach out to others and change the world for the better;
  • Viral for social networks - be on everyone's lips;
  • Educational - bring knowledge in an interesting and understandable form;
  • Corporate - tell about the company in such a way that you would like to work with / in it.

Are you looking for a video script that does not fit into any of the categories listed? Contact us - we love challenges.

How it goes

Before ordering a script for a video, you must understand how the video creation process works. In our agency, it takes 5 consecutive stages:

1. Preparation

We define the goals and objectives of the video, its target audience. If you want to implement a specific idea, we will also discuss it. We also research the market and the position of your company on it.

2. Idea

We brainstorm as a team, generate ideas, select the best ones and present them to you. We approve the most viable one.

3. Concept

We design the concept and prescribe the synopsis, style and technology for creating a video. We control that everything meets the original tasks.

4. Script

We think over the plot of the video and its structure. We write an indicative text. We indicate the length of the video and how the frame should look. We approve the script from you.

5. Storyboard

We modify the text. We create a storyboard with a detailed description of everything that happens in the frame: obligatory objects, plans, movements and emotions of the characters, the nature of the soundtrack.

What to do with the script next? You can find contractors for the next stages of work - filming, voice acting and editing - or you can order them from us.

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