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Editing is the path from raw material to a full-fledged video product. Selection of the most effective methods of influencing the target audience. Your idea revealed through dynamics.

Features of video editing

Video editing is more than a chronological stitching of good shots. A good result requires adherence to a number of subtleties - technical, semantic and artistic. The most important are the following:

  • The story told in the video is clear and logical;
  • The main idea of the video is not lost behind the special effects;
  • The atmosphere is consistent with the plot and does not cause cognitive dissonance;
  • The picture is pleasing to the eye, the sound is pleasing to the ear and together they create a strong CTA;
  • Sound and visual materials are synchronized;
  • The timing is not delayed, the viewer does not have time to get bored.

The key to effective editing

Production brief is a document that allows you to achieve the desired result and implement a project in the shortest possible time.

What the production brief consists of:

  • Description of the project and product/service;
  • Mood and style;
  • Movie script;
  • Description of locations and props;
  • Sound and visual materials are synchronized;
  • Graphics and sound references.

How it goes

It doesn't matter if it's editing a video for YouTube or advertising on TV, the whole process includes 7 stages:

  • Production brief

    We study the brief and, on its basis, agree on the cost and timing of installation.

  • Video sequence

    We review and classify the frames, select the best ones and compose the video sequence from them. We show it to you.

  • Sound

    We clean the sound, add voiceover, dialogues, background music and various sound effects - street noise, nature sounds, etc.

  • Text

    We create titles and text captions. We pay attention not only to the text itself and its characteristics (style, font, color), but also to how it appears.

  • Visual materials

    We add visual effects and create a complete picture.

  • Color correction

    Depending on the genre and goals of the video, we adjust the color gamut and tonality of the picture. We achieve cleanliness and realism of personnel.

  • Video

    We design a finished video that meets all the initial tasks and present it to you. We make corrections if necessary.

Speaking about the cost of the service, it should be understood that the price for video editing is formed based on many factors - the complexity and duration of the video, the quality and quantity of source materials, the time allocated for production and others. Contact us for a complete calculation.

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