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Game development is a creative process, subject to a certain algorithm. The path from idea to release. A technical iceberg whose pinnacle is entertainment.

Formats, types

We develop the following types of games:

  • Board games - card games with figures, dice, playing field..

    We will create a game from scratch or customize an existing one in your corporate style.

  • Online games - text quests, mazes, strategies..

    We will figure out how to involve the user as much as possible, how to encourage activity and how to return them to the game again and again.

Corporate game: why and for whom

You can order from us the development of both a regular game and a corporate one. In the second case, in addition to entertainment, it will become:

  • A great corporate gift

    Congratulate employees and partners on the holiday, reward them for the concluded deals and achievements, or simply organize an interesting leisure time during a corporate event.

  • An uncommon marketing tool

    Thank regular customers for their loyalty, use the game for raffles and as an interactive element during events, add it as a bonus to existing goods / services, or sell it as a standalone product.

In any case, a corporate game will help you to strengthen your reputation and stand out from competitors, attract a new audience and also natively communicate the values and activities of the company.

How it goes

The game development time depends on its complexity, budget and the number of players, but the algorithm is always the same:

1. Brief

You talk about the goals and format of the game, show references of style and mechanics. We define the target audience - age, interests, lifestyle.

2. Concept

We generate ideas, select the most promising ones and present them to you with a description of the game, its features and approximate mechanics. We approve the concept with you.

3. Mechanics

For a board game, we prescribe the rules, the number of participants, the types and number of objects, the duration of the game and several options for the ending. For an online game, we create a plot, a knot diagram and a motivation system.

4. Prototype

Making a prototype of the game. We test it, note the difficulties and logical inconsistencies. We modify it to a working version.

5. Content

We write and proofread texts. We create designs for illustrations and game elements. We show them to you.

6. Final result

We send the board game for layout and printing, online - we transfer it to the front-end and back-end. Now it is up to you.

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