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Event organization is a turnkey event that you deserve. Part of the corporate culture with no place for boring lectures or competitions from the 90s. Unforgettable emotions that will unite your team and enhance the company's image.

Organization of events in the agency

In theory, any event can be organized independently. In practice: the more guests and the richer the program, the higher the risk that the preparation process will drag on, the budget will grow significantly and something will definitely go wrong.

Delegate this to an agency to:

  • Stand out and be remembered - the fire and bartender show will surprise no one, so we will study the specifics of your company and offer bold, extraordinary ideas.
  • Achieve the desired target audience with detailed targeting based on demographic and behavioral data as well as geolocation and intentions.
  • Solve specific business problems - whether you want to entertain, rally or educate your guests, we will help you achieve the desired goal.
  • Get an excellent result - our experience will help you think through every little detail to make the event comfortable and interesting.
  • Keep calm - we know what to do if the electricity goes out, the host lost their voice and instead of pancakes they brought out flippers.

Types of events

When choosing an agency, remember that organizing a party is not the same as organizing conferences (especially international ones). And while most companies specialize in one thing, we successfully conduct the following types of business events:

  • Corporate parties;
  • Teambuilding;
  • Trainings;
  • Conferences;
  • Presentations;
  • Workshops.

How corporate events are organized

1. Brief

We discuss the format and purpose of the event, its scope, the number of guests and the required services. And, of course, what budget should you focus on.

2. Concept

We study your industry and guest list. We brainstorm as a team and present the best ideas to you with an approximate budget for their implementation. You choose.

3. Location

We select locations based on your budget and goals. We visit the objects, assess their capabilities and think about the design. You make a choice.

4. Artists

We select presenters, musicians, artists and everyone we need. We approve the show program, if any.

5. Script

We develop the event program with detailed timing. We approve each item with you.

6. Catering

We choose a menu for your banquet or buffet. We plan coffee breaks.

7. Preparation

We prepare the location for the event - decorate it, install stage structures, awnings and tents and set up light and sound.

8. Conduct

We meet and seat the guests. We make sure that everything goes according to plan and we respond promptly to force majeure events. We see off the guests and clean up the territory.

9. Materials

We will contact you to get your feedback. During X we transfer all photo and video materials.

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