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Digital projects are a digital story about your brand. Content at the intersection of the interests of the company, the editorial office and the reader. A non-standard promotion format that will definitely draw attention to your company.

Why does business need interactive projects?

Digital projects will help to:

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Attract a new target audience;
  • Get away from competitors;
  • Present a new product or service;
  • Enter the market loudly and effectively;
  • Improve the image;
  • Show the company from an unexpected angle.

What projects do we work with

We create such digital projects:

1. Content projects

This includes any content with useful information - a reportage, interview, consultation, case study, rating, article cycles on one topic, and others. Nowadays, multimedia longreads are gaining popularity - large text materials supplemented with audio-visual aids for greater immersion in the topic.

2. Entertainment projects

These are games, tests, contests, quizzes, challenges and flash mobs. Such content, if properly presented, has every chance of becoming viral, drawing attention to both the resource and your company.

3. Branding of pages

The design of the advertising platform or its individual pages in your corporate style. Site users who are accustomed to a certain design will not miss the new background. At the same time, what they see will not irritate them, since the ad unit fits organically into the site.

4. Dynamic promo materials

An ad format that shows the user exactly the products that they were interested in on your site. Also, the content of promo materials depends on the stage of the purchase at which the deal fell through. This kind of personalization gives excellent conversion rates.

How it goes

he development and launch of a digital project goes through the following stages:

1. Brief

We communicate about your company, its USP, target audience and competitors. We determine the budget and goals of the project as well as KPIs. We get acquainted with the results of the past campaigns.

2. Research

We independently study the target audience - its desires, interests, media behavior and triggers. We monitor advertising campaigns of competitors and get inspired by cases from other industries.

3. Concept

We brainstorm and jot down as many ideas as possible. We filter them, modify them and present them to you. You choose the most promising one.

4. Media planning

We divide the project into specific steps, prescribe the stages and terms of the campaign. We formulate a budget for development and support.

5. Platform

We select platforms for cooperation, based on its target audience, subject matter and functionality. We choose the most optimal option.

6. Development

Together with the platform, we create content for the project - design, copyright, front-end with back-end. We place it on a test server and approve it with you.

7. Launching

We launch the project and control its KPI. Once it ends, we prepare a report with the results of the campaign.

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