Brand book is the bible of your brand. An official document that reveals the identity of a company. The foundation on which the relationship with the client is built.

Why you need a brand book

Brand books are the foundation of your positioning. And here's how they are useful:

  • Strategy

    All your tactical actions correspond to one concept and are aimed at achieving a global goal.

  • Communication

    Your employees, partners and the media work together and create a single positive image of the company. It is understandable for people, therefore it inspires trust.

  • Sales

    They recognize the brand, love it, thanks to which managers work mainly with a warm target audience and sales increase.

What a brand book consists of

After realizing the value of this service, you will probably be interested in its cost. It should be understood that the price for a brand book is formed based on the number of design elements and concepts as well as the form of presentation of the work.

As for the content, it can be divided into three large blocks::

1. About the brand: mission, values, target audience.

2. Corporate identity: logo, fonts, colors, graphic elements, images as well as the rules for their use

3. Interaction: tone of voice and visual design - from business documents, outdoor and digital advertising, pages in social networks to the interior and uniform of employees.

At Deviart, we develop both small guidelines and large-scale brand books with well-developed positioning and a maximum list of branding recommendations.

How it goes

To develop a brand book that will not only gather dust on the shelf, but will bring additional value to the company, you need to go through 7 important stages:

1. Brief

You provide important information about the company, its ideology, communication and sales channels. We discuss all wishes and approve the content of the brand book.

2. Research

We analyze the received brief as well as conduct our own market research to study your target audience and competitors.

3. Brand code

Based on the information received, we develop the ideological part of the brand book and check it against your vision. This will be the basis for the visual part.

4. Logo

We work on several logo concepts at once and present them to you. After your approval, we fine-tune the logo you like and the accompanying elements.

5. Identity

We develop fonts, color palette, textures, image concepts. In parallel with this, we create a tone of voice.

6. Technical requirements

It is time to create templates for letterheads for documentation, printing, advertising and other important materials. We also prescribe the rules for using corporate identity elements.

7. Design

We approve the brand book, make minor adjustments. If necessary, we prepare it for printing. And finally, we transfer the finished brand book to you.

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